Dear Google Merchant Center Team,

We have received your letter regarding our merchant center account’s violation of google shopping policy. We take full responsibility for this violation and we apologize for any bad customer experiences that caused it and we will try our best to improve it.

Our website: 添加网址

Our Merchant Center ID: 添加GMC ID

  1. Company  Background:
  2. 公司名称 was established on  创办日期 , we built the website 网址 to sell 销售品类 . Since the establishment of the company, we have sold such products on 列举店铺,如Amazon等 for nearly 3 years 可说明店铺成立多久,粉丝量等信息) . Customers like our products very much. We often receive emails from customers who have already purchased several orders from our website and expressed satisfaction with our products. (此处可根据公司实际情况和背景自行编辑)


  • Proof of company association:



  • Services:

We specialize in the production and processing of  产品品类. We have a complete design and manufacturing department, as well as a dedicated customer service team 业务团队 with more than  公司员工数量 who can solve each customer’s problem. From design to production, website UI/UX and customer service, we are working hard to ensure that every customer will have a good shopping experience and get the high-quality products they want.


  • Production:

For production: We have our own factory 工厂地址  , advanced equipment and professional technicians.


  • Logistics:

For logistics: we have signed cooperation agreements with   物流公司 , and other international professional logistics companies. Relying on professional international logistics companies, we can enable our customers to enjoy professional cargo delivery experience.


  • Warehouse

For overseas warehouses: We cooperate with 合作的仓储公司 and have overseas warehouses in 在哪些国家&地区有仓库.


  • Supply Chain

We have our own strong supply chains. We analyze the real needs of consumers in time and send the information to the manufacturer to generate orders as soon as possible.


  • Amazon等平台 Sales History
  • Store Link:  添加网址

Here’s our product listing link. Our product quality is excellent. We received many customers’ great feedback. We will never take any dishonest behavior to cheat on our website.


  • Changes we made to fix the shopping ads violation


All we do is to try our best to comply with Google’s policies. We would like to continue providing the values to end customers via our powerful supply chain and more. Google is really important for us to expand our brand reputation. Could you please help to release our account or please kindly let us know what else we can do to get our Merchant Center unsuspected? We appreciate your support with this matter.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,



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